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There IS a solution to fast track creating your business procedures as you'll discover here...
Why you want to create business procedures
Smart business owners want to build a self driving business that works without their constant involvement
They want the freedom to be able to work on their business rather than in it, knowing they can leave for periods of time without anything breaking.
Better and happier business
They look for ways of working smarter, improving work quality, efficiency and team happiness. 
Scaleable and Saleable business 
They want to develop a skilled, supportive team they have full confidence in. They want a streamlined and systemized business. With this foundation they can scale, grow and potentially sell the business down the track. 
First of many attempts....
They discover the business revolution comes about by creating systems and procedures for how to do everyting in the business and set off with the first of many attempts to get the job done... 

Here's some common misconceptions and strategies guaranteed to frustrate the business owner, annoy the team and delay successful results!!
What will Procedures do for us?

Save Time and Eliminate Frustration
Allow anyone in the team to fill in when someone is away or leaves.

Onboard and train new staff on autopilot. 

Eliminate interruptions explaining how to do a task.

Remove bottlenecks waiting on others help.

Reduce stress and worry of tasks not getting done right. 

Increase everyones happiness.

Increase Your Quality & Profits
94% of mistakes are caused by a problem with the system.

When the quality of your products and services increases, so does your word of mouth and repeat business.

Continuously improve your procedures on the spot based on customer and team feedback.

Get team buy in for developing a better, faster, stronger business.

Increase Business Value & Saleability
Build a bigger team, add locations and scale the business with ease.

Higher business asset value with fully documented procedures.

Build a self driving business, working without the owners constant involvement

Attractive to wider range of buyers who don't want to work in the business.

Sell for more with less training handover time.
They want the freedom to be able to work on their business rather than in it and know they can leave the business for periods of time without anything breaking. 

Here's What Some People Say...
Less questions from staff, more time to concentrate on growing my business
Staff know exactly what to do, by when and everyone is accountable. Getting rid of our old messy system with files stuck on one computer resulted in less phone calls and questions from staff, which gave me more time to concentrate on growing my business. I would recommend Systemizr Done For You Procedures to any business big or small if they want to expand and scale easily.

Mark Nashaty
Director - On The Go Plumbing Services
Saved countless hours work by streamlining and systemizing our business
We weren't finding the time and didn't have the staff with knowledge of how to create procedures. Done For You Procedures has saved countless hours work by streamlining and systemizing our business and we're no longer trying to figure it out ourselves. We can easily train and onboard staff and now have everyone rowing in the same direction.

Cindy Alderson
Director - Alderson Racing

Done For You Procedures without endless boring hours of work and headaches 
Here's how we help step by step...
Kickstart Planning Meeting
By the end of the meeting we'll understand your unique business challenges and goals so we can focus on the highest impact procedures that affect your profits first. 

We'll assess what you currently have and don't have, round it all up and see where the gaps are.

Lastly we'll discover who has the procedures knowledge in your business to capture it and lock it in for everyones' benefit.
Priority Procedures Plan
Here we develop your custom Priority Procedures Plan for the step by step creation of procedures for your business. 

We'll nominate who needs to do what in your company so the project delivers fast results and fast improvement for your business. 
Systemizr Membership 
Team training with step by step courses to setup systems and software to streamline & systemize managing your work, procedures, team, tools and marketing.

Systemizr Master Procedure Manual - Unlimited access to our ever growing Master Procedure Manual with hundreds of Pre-Done Procedures ready to download and plug and play into your business. You'll improve processes, increase productivity and save hundreds of hours of procedure creation work.
Total Procedures

Current Total Procedures:

Read more about Systemizr Membership 
Done For You Procedures
Here's where we take over the long hours of work and do it for you! Our system makes it easy for you and your team to do hardly any extra work than you do now.

We do the heavy lifting of building your online Company Procedure Manual available anywhere on any device. We'll complete up to 10 custom multi media procedures per month for your business. 
Support and Resources
We'll support you with coaching, training and project management to get remarkable results for your business.

You'll find various resources, templates and checklists to simplify everything.

Plus we're super passionate about systemizing, automating and amplifying your success with a happy team supporting you all the way. 
We're here to help you stop doing hard and start doing easy....
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